SecureAir GmbH

Press release

09 / 2023 Top-class jury nominates SECURER breathing mask for the German Medical Award
08 / 2023 SECURER respiratory mask with light disinfection
at the world’s leading trade fair MEDICA 2023
07 / 2023 World novelty SECURER wins 1st place at BESTFORM-AWARD
06 / 2023 World novelty:
Breathing mask “SECURER” electronically cleans the breathing air

Press photos

SECURER on the model

SECURER on the model – side view

SecureAir Prototyp 3DVisual

SECURER side view

SECURER front view

SecureAir Prototyp 3DVisual

Arno Lauhöfer, CEO SecureAir

SecureAir takes 1st place at BESTFORM

Press videos

04.07.2023 BESTFORM 2023: 1st place: “Securer” breathing mask – SecureAir GmbH
29.06.2023 Magdeburg company receives prize for innovative virus protective mask
29.06.2023 “Secure the air – secure the world!”