At last, healthy air to breathe

The best protection against viruses is to render them harmless!
And that’s exactly what the Securer does.

Nominiert für den German Medical Award 2023


From vision to clean air to breathe


Functional & Practical

Through an intelligent combination of established technologies which are integrated into an easy-to-wear filter headset, the air you breathe is purified and demonstrably 100% safe from the coronavirus and other harmful air particles, such as fine dust, pollen, and allergens, as well as all types of bacteria.


Data & Facts

In the European Union alone, there are 450 million people. . If we assume that 30% of them are not getting vaccinated against the corona virus, then that is 135 million people. If just 10% of these were willing to invest in high-quality protection, then we are talking about 13.5 million Securers and that’s in the EU alone.


Innovation & Creation

SecureAir GmbH was established in autumn 2020.

The partners in the background are the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and the ZPVP GmbH (Centre for Product, Process and Process Innovation).


YouTube Video "Secure the air - secure the world!"


The Securer purifies the surrounding air and protects the user from pollen, bacteria and other suspended particles – up to virus size. Live viruses are completely killed. Live viruses are completely killed.


Unlike conventional masks, with the Securer you do not need to breathe in used air containing CO2, nor do you have to overcome the resistance of the filter to breathe.

Ease of use

The Securer can easily be taken apart, fits into any small bag and can be charged up or recharged on any of the usual mobile phone equipment.

The Vision

Who would have thought, at the start of 2020, that such a thing could happen? The first reports came out of China about a new type of coronavirus – ranging from dangerous to deadly. It very quickly became clear that the threat was on a worldwide scale, in particular, because the virus could be passed on before the infected person even developed symptoms. Its spread is therefore very difficult to control – and a mammoth global undertaking.

Similarly, air contamination by bacteria, viruses, pollen, fine dust and other microorganisms has been a problem throughout the world for a long time. Lung diseases and chronic asthma are continually on the increase.

In agglomeration areas, meanwhile, the rate of air pollution is so high that temporary bans on cars have been imposed; in some of the biggest cities, face masks have become an everyday feature.

What could be more obvious, then – particularly at the present time – than to intensify the focus on the issue of healthy air to breathe, and to develop filter protection which is safe and wearable, and ensures clean air free of bacteria and viruses long-term?


What makes the Securer different from other masks currently available?

In contrast to other face masks available, with the Securer the air is actually purified and directed under light overpressure to a small, transparent silicon mouth/nose tray. The main filtering and killing of the viruses is achieved by the high-frequency light of the integrated high-performance LEDs. The Securer does not need to be worn close-fitting; breathing is easier for the wearer because there is no resistance from the filter. The face of the wearer can be seen and is not completely covered, as it is with the usual face masks.

Status Quo

Filter masks now

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, almost any textile mask which covered the nose and mouth was permitted, due to a lack of alternatives. Since at least the second lockdown, a medical face mask or FFP mask has been mandatory, and the filtering properties have been set out in statutory provisions and technical standards. But even in the highest quality mask, the protective effect is only guaranteed if it is close-fitting and worn continuously – and if its effectiveness is not reduced as a result of moisture penetration.

Where are we currently?

Particle filtering half masks
Securer from the front
Securer from above
Securer from behind
Securer close shooting
Securer side perspective


In the years and decades to come, the Securer will become our constant companion, just like our smartphones.

The future belongs to the Securer, and the future will not return to normality without the Securer.