The Vision

At last, healthy air to breathe

Just breathe better –

anywhere and at any time

Contamination of the air by bacteria, viruses, pollen, fine dust and other microorganisms has for a long time been a worldwide problem. Cases of chronic asthma, lung disease and other hazardous respiratory complaints are on the increase: diphtheria, tuberculosis, MRSA, cystic fibrosis and pneumococci. In 2018 alone, 10 million people worldwide contracted tuberculosis, and of those, 1.5 million died.

In overcrowded areas, air pollution has become so serious that temporary bans on cars have had to be imposed. Wearing filter masks in public spaces and particularly on public transport has now also become commonplace in many major cities of the world.

What could be more obvious, then – particularly at the present time – than to focus even more on the issue of healthy air to breathe, and the development of filter protection which is safe and wearable, and ensures a continuous supply of clean air, free of bacteria and viruses?

With the development of the Securer, the initial emphasis was on the safety of the user, and not generally protecting the user’s environment.

As we experienced the corona pandemic, however, we optimised the development of the Securer’s functions and mode of operation. The Securer not only provides 100% protection for the wearer, it also gives 100% protection in their immediate environment. It purifies the surrounding air and protects the user from pollen, bacteria and other suspended particles – up to virus size. Viruses are killed and therefore present no further risk.

100% safe – no matter how the viruses may mutate

The wide-ranging, top quality protection against viruses provided by the Securer may well mean that we can make a permanent return to a way of life that is more relaxed and normal in every way. Children in nursery, contact teaching for schoolchildren, trips to the theatre or cinema, eating out, sports and training activities, seeing family and friends, celebrating, travelling – everything that has been off-limits could be possible once again, even if that is currently hard to imagine.

And another positive aspect that should not be under-estimated: we’ll once again be able to see the faces of the people around us. A smile, an expression on a face. Thanks to the high-quality design which incorporates a high degree of transparency, coupled with comfort for the wearer, the Securer may become our constant companion in the years and decades to come – just like our smartphones. Why?

Viruses, whether it’s flu or coronavirus, tend to carry on changing. Mutations and resistant pathogens engage in a race against time, medicine and the virologists. Who will win the race, and when? Even when we have the current pandemic under control, the next threats from the air we breathe will already be waiting for us. And how long current vaccinations can protect us is not clear.

So the best protection for the future will be to prevent harmful viruses and mutations of all types from entering the human body by killing them beforehand with a proven method – with the Securer.


‘The future belongs to the Securer, and only the Securer can ensure a future that is back to normal!’