Functional and Practical

Securer Product


Through an intelligent combination of well-known technologies which are integrated into the Securer, the air you breathe is purified and demonstrably 100% safe from the coronavirus and other harmful air particles, such as fine dust, pollen, and allergens, as well as all types of bacteria.

This is achieved primarily through the use of UVC disinfection based on new types of LEDs, concurrent electrostatic filtration and integrated standard filters such as metallised carbon filters, HEPA filters and fine dust filters. In total, 5 layers of filtration can be implemented in a wearable mask made to your requirements.

In contrast to other face masks available, with the Securer the air is actually purified and directed under light overpressure to a small, transparent silicon mouth/nose tray. The main filtering and killing of the viruses is achieved by the high-frequency light of the integrated high-performance LEDs. The Securer does not need to be worn uncomfortably close-fitting; breathing is easier for the wearer because there is no resistance from the filter.

The fresh air flowingin at a rate of around 15 litres per minute no longer contains any live viruses, and leaves the breath tray with the outgoing air from the wearer’s breath, which is in turn siphoned off through the second side piece and filtered again. This generates a double purification effect, which ensures that no viruses from the wearer are transmitted to the outside. Furthermore, the surrounding air is also purified.


The innovative performance of the two systems lies in particular in the fact that here well-known hygiene processes for air purification, through for example overpressure (see operating theatres and surgeries) are combined with effective purification. The air sucked in is irradiated with well-established UVC technology (256 Nm frequency), whereby all viruses are completely destroyed. This light must be hermetically and securely encapsulated.

For the first time, this technology can, by means of new types of UV LEDs (100mA power) which are currently the top performers worldwide, and one of the new drivers developed by us, be constructed in this very light compact format.

The entire system is controlled by inbuilt electronics which also enable integration via Bluetooth and WiFi. In this further expansion stage, integration with phone and communications technologies is also conceivable.

Securer Electronics
Securer side perspective


Unlike conventional masks, with the Securer you do not need to breathe in used air containing CO2, nor do you have to overcome the resistance of the filter when you breathe. In this respect it is suitable for people whose breathing is in any case compromised – whether through allergies or lung disease. Furthermore, the Securer is fitted with multiple intelligent details for maximal ease of use in everyday life:


  • The system is provided with power from two redundant sources, which are rechargeable, just like a mobile phone.
  • The battery performance of the Securer is sufficient for approximately 8 hours operating time, with – for safety – a double array of all technical parts.
  • The user is shown the battery level via LEDs.
  • The use of power-banks allows the operating time to be extended, if required.
  • The Securer can be positioned where required and without pressure on the skin, and is also suitable for people who wear glasses.
  • The Securer can be taken apart into its separate elements and easily carried in any bag.
  • The Securer can be charged using current mobile phone equipment.