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SecureAir GmbH was established in autumn 2020. The partners behind the company are the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and the ZPVP GmbH (Centre for Product, Process and Process Innovation).

The experts in SecureAir GmbH have joined forces in this creative environment: Frank Gnisa (M.Eng), Miro Jangas, Mario Spiewack, Arno Lauhöfer (MBA).

Eng. Frank Gnisa and Miro Jangas are responsible for developing the highly sensitive technology required for the Securer. Mario Spiewack is building the interface to the research institute in Magdeburg. He also manages the SecureAir GmbH office in Magdeburg. Arno Lauhöfer is responsible for the finance and marketing departments.

The company faktor m was commissioned to work closely with SecureAir GmbH on the design development. For the challenging laboratory-based test procedures with live viruses, to confirm the Securer’s method of operation, we obtained the services of Magdeburg Molecular Detections GmbH & Co. KG (MMD). Here, the driving force is the leading internationally recognized scientist, Professor Brigitte König.

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